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We have reseller options for qualified applicants. Send a message to with the word 'Reseller' as the subject to find out more.

We provide a full suite of services. Your customers belong to you and all communication with your customers are defered back through your organization.

Depending on what you want, all communication, name spaces and branding are your own.

There are no contracts to sign, or manage and reseller pricing and status is on a month to month basis.

Greedy Pig

The Greedy Pig plan basically doubles the Standard Plan.

Greedy Pig Plan
> 200MB Storage Space
> 2GB Data Transfers
> 30 email addresses
> MySql - php

$NZ27.95 per month plus GST.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan gives you plenty of head room, lots of data, and enough features to keep you competitive and flexible.

Standard Plan
> 100MB Storage Space
> 1GB Data Transfers
> 15 email addresses
> MySql - php

$NZ13.95 per month plus GST.

Frugal Plan

Our second tier plan that affords you a little more head room when things get moving for you.

Frugle Plan
> 50MB Storage Space
> 500MB Data Transfers
> 12 email addresses
> MySql - php

$NZ11.45 per month plus GST.

Bare Bones

This is the lowest priced* plan we offer (see bottom of page for a wee exception to that).

Bare Bones Plan
> 20MB Storage Space
> 500MB Data Transfers
> 10 email addresses
> MySql - php

$NZ8.95 per month plus GST.

Custom plans

Custom plans are simply just that.

Basic Plans

Our Basic plans offer the most cost effective way to get you going with a website.

Startup Plans

Startup plans provide for all you need to get going, then allow you to take the reigns to make your site into something of your own creation.

Managed Plans

Managed plans are designed for those busy with other things to do than manage their website or simply do not have the option.

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