Process Wage Cheque

  1. DFGL / Outwards cash.
  2. F5 New.
  3. Reference = cheque number Date = date of cheque.
  4. Paid to = (accountant's company name), Amount = amount of cheque.
  5. Click on excludes GST.
  6. Enter GL code M360.
  7. Description = Wages, PAYE or salaries (whatever the case may be).
  8. Amount of cheque.
  9. F7 to save.
  10. (DEPRECATED) A message box will come up saying it can’t save until you balance (usually due to a second line coming up repeating the 1st line information this is a computer program error that FLASH Gordon is working on to fix. Just delete the second line and try to save again.

  11. Print cheque this is just done on normal paper this is a record only.
  12. Write cheque number and date on fax form and staple remittance just printed.
  13. Tick cheque Butt in blue pen to indicate it has been entered into computer.
  14. File in Accountant's File.