Creditor Invoices

  1. Creditor / invoice
  2. F5 new.
  3. Order number = PO number.
  4. Date = date of invoice.
  5. Amount = total amount of invoice including GST.

Once entered, a PO number GL & description should come up automatically.
If not you will have to enter these.

  1. Tab along to amount enter ex.GST amount once all OK save (the computer will tell you when to save when all balances).
  2. On invoice tick off top 3 boxes of stamp and write in where it is to be charged refer to GL codes e.g. purchases.
  3. Inv/job = if it is being charged to a job write in here.
  4. OK payment – tick and initial.
  5. ACC = (3 character company ID e.g. UCL) stamp as entered file in creditors file.
  6. (Most creditors invoices are processed by Supervisor.)